Friday, December 06, 2002

With a good nights rest and some advise from both my sister and mum and from Mary, i think im none the wiser, lol! One thing is for sure though, if this deal is going to happen it will be on our terms and not his. Of course the worst scenario being that he wont sell it to us if we dont agree with his idea, but we are already in the worst scenario bit with nowhere to move to. Btw i dont think his idea will be allowed if he ows the förening money. And i cant imagine that a deal would be able to pass that quickly if the bank have some interest in whatever money he can get a hold of by selling the apartment.

Also we got a tip from my sister that there is an apartment empty at Hasses parents förening. Its a 3 room and kitchen as well, bit more expencive to rent and buy but its a much better location, just up the hill from us. Hasses dad would poke around and see what he could find out about it and if it is going to be sold by an estate agent or privatly. Aparently it is in a 'dödsbo' since the old lady who owned it has died, and im not sure if that means they want to sell it for as much as they can or as quickly as they can. But we will hopefully get to know a bit more in the weekend since we were invited up to Hasses parents to have a look at their apartment which is an exact copy of the empty one. Isnt it strange how much of your life depends on friends and family...?

Part from that we have an offer on a 2 room and kitchen in Bojsenburg, i got the reply last night that we were in the list of people getting an offer to it ;o) So im going to phone them and ask when we can come and have a look at it since we have to answer yes or no to in before the 12th of december. It is an already empty one because you have to phone the local buildingoffice to go and have a look at it.

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