Thursday, June 20, 2002

Do not try to walk on water, it has only worked for one person so far recorded. But still James tried it today.
We went fishing today again since James had bought me a very nice and lightweight new fishing rod as a surprise. I phoned Lotta and asked if she was interested in coming with us, which she was, she also brought her husband with her. Anyway, I dont know if it was nerves or what that made James try his Jesus inpersonating trick or what. But apparently he got his bait stuck a bit out and was trying to pull it free when his line got caught in a tree (cough) and to rescue it all he rolled his trousers up but forgot he was wearing shoes and just tried to walk on mentioned water.....Poor thing had to stand in one of the bags we brought some sandwiches in for the rest of the evening keeping his toes warm. And i didnt know what had happend since he kept it very quiet over where he was. I think he did better this time though in using the fishing rod and im sure he will think both once or twice before stepping off into water again... ;o)
I didnt get any fish this time but Roland managed to get a tiny little one. It was a nice evening out but a bit windy so fish werent biting as good as they did the other night.

Anyway, i must be trying out to be a saint because i borrowed him my shoes for when we were cycling back. Im more used to biking barefoot then he is so I thought it was the safest bet to get us home in one piece if he borrowed my shoes. And here i am, wide awake because i slept so much this morning. But i will try to go to bed soon since its an early morning for me tomorrow. And busy busy it will be since its the last day before the swedish holiday Midsummer. So night all, and please use the comment box AND the guestmap! Thats what their there for ;o)

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