Sunday, June 30, 2002

I think i know why im so tired, it was my sister who put me on the lead. It must be my grassallergy. Im taking some pills for it so i dont feel any of the effects like sneezing or runny eyes or whatnots. But it makes me tired as well, my sister is too and she has it worse since the pollen season is longer in the south of Sweden.

Yesterday we went to a big shopping mall in the next town. There is the summer sales on right now so i wanted to have a look. I found some clothes but only one on sale, but what a bargain more then 50% off. Made my day, but not my mums who has to shorten the trousers for me... ;o)
We also bought a fish... a carpet one for our bathroom. But we got in to a little argument if it was too expensive and James didnt like it that much but I won so to speak and it is now nicely laid out on the bathroom floor and he admitted that it does look nice!

We did also go fishing, but gave up on the casting bit and just went for a quiet bit of angling. And there were lots more interest in our baits this time! We got one fish each! But James didnt want to unhook his so i had to. He got a small perch but i got something else. I have to look it up in a natureguide i have. As usuall the sunset was magnificent with multi colored clouds in golds, pinks, darkblues, greys and a bit of lilac. I think that many like fishing just because of the nature aspect of it. As we headed back home we saw yet another deer on the grassfields by the road. It is still very light during the nights but you can notice a slight difference since midsummer. How depressing, not that i hate winter or anything but its just the feeling you get when you know it will be getting much darker soon i dont like.

Also i will be having my birthday this autumn, one of the 'biggies'. Well not really but i still get a bit jumpy about turning 30. Im usually very laidback about age, but lately im getting the jitters ?? Well, we'll see if i will stop having birthdays after this one and go a year younger from now on... ;o)

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