Thursday, June 13, 2002

It is late and i have to go to bed, really i do.. But im not sleepy.

I watched a documentary on swedish tv tonight about the french politician Jean-Marie Le Pen. I just shake my head, cant really comment good in english, but this i can say, what a dickhead. Me and politics dont really mix. Theres and election in Sweden this year and im not sure i will go and vote. I didnt do it last time and im sure it hasnt changed that much from then. There are bits and pieces of both sides that are good. But generally i can say that no political partie has me hooked. It all seems to be green grass and fancy promises to me and thats not what i would vote for.

Today was exhausting at work. Lots of people and stressful or is it me making it more stressful then it needs to be? Perhaps, but i like it when its buzzing wiht people and you got things to do, customers to help and so on. But maybe not today...

I think it is time for bed, generally just feeling weary and tired... night

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