Tuesday, June 25, 2002

I have a passion..... Frankie, yes ol' blue eyes himself.
I didnt even know it before i bought a cd with his songs. But now im stuck. Theres always a mood that suits a Frankie song. Or you create the mood when listening to him. I dont CARE about what other people think. There is something special with his voice. Its weird really, because i listen to a lot of completly different types of music. There could be Frankie, La Boheme, Sade, Bruce, Barry White(yeees i know...)Staind, old Metallica, Cornelius Wreesvijk, Frankie, Garbage, Brian Eno you name it i listen to it. Well not name it, im lousy with names and titles so dont ask me what this or that records name was or what the song is called. I couldnt tell you even if i had a week to find out. My music collection spans quite a lot and is a bit... schizofrenic at times. But it is all music i enjoy to listen to at some time or another.

I dont understand people who say they hate a certain type of music. Just as i dont understand people who say the hate some type of color. There is an endless amount of music to listen to so how can you say you hate a specific type? You grow up, you change your taste, and i think its such a shame if you dont let yourself have a little change from now and then and listen to something else. Tease your brain and train it in being openminded about something different. I had a friend when i went to school that only listend to mainstream pop. No never would she even contemplate to listen to any of my records. and she often wondered how i could listen to such "garbage". I feel sorry for her that she doesnt want to try something new, because she still doesnt know how it feels like to listen to that perfectly sung opera libretto or that quiet shy folksinger from Outer Mongolia. And she still hasnt discovered Frankie Boy.... ;o)

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