Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Why do i end up cleaning on my day off?!
Today it was my fridge and freezer getting done, well..just the fridge. It had an iceblock the size that sank Titanic stuck to the element. And it took forever to melt and come away. I really should have taken a picture of it. It was HUGE! And still i defrosted both the freezer and fridge only a month ago. I have been complaining about the fridge unit for a while to the people i rent at. Last time they sent a grudgy little repair man that removed my fridge from the wall and had a flick of the on and off switch ( !! ) for a while before he stuck his head in and changed some sort of meltinglead? Anyway, it worked alright-ish for a while after that. But now it seems to have stopped defrosting itself completly and everything just builds up untill there is this big block of solid ice. I went after it with both an icepick and my hairdryer but still it wouldnt budge only untill i used brute force to crack it away bit by bit it started to fall off.

I didnt do anything else interesting today, yet i might add.....
Going to get me some take away kebab now, am hungry! Blog later

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