Friday, June 21, 2002

Ehm.. i just registered online so i could play a game where you shoot a chicken... ! I must be bored or maybe just amused by the fact that the chicken is very cute and looks funny when trying to escape.

James is already fast at sleep even though he makes this humming sound sometimes just to check if im here, it is quite cute... :)
He was tricked at thinking he had to work today! So off he went early this morning(5.30) in the POURING rain but came back again and woke me up when he made some breakfast in the kitchen. I asked quite silly and half asleep what he was doing home again when he sort of mouped that it was all closed and no one was there. Sorry to say i was too tired to think a second thought about the cruelty of it all untill now. And now im furious! How DARE they make fun of him like this saying they are going to work and they dont, making him get up at the unearthly hour that it really was (4.45) on Midsummers Eve!!! If this is a joke it is a very VERY poor one. I feel so sorry for him now when i think about how much it actually rained, and still was when i had to bike to work this morning. My poor ickle jeppy.... got to go. Feel a need to hug him to bits, night folks

P.s pls leave comments! Its so sad not to have ANY comments to what you write or ramble about....
Comments makes it worth while to write, silly i know but true..

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