Sunday, June 23, 2002

Im so tired now i could sleep all the rest of the day away. I went to bed at nine yesterday, ME that usually stays up untill 12 or later because im not tired. And this morning i could just get my eyes open enough to see that i had to get up or i would be late for work. Something is wrong, or maybe im just catching up on the sleep i couldnt seem to get last week....

So Midsummer has been(friday) and gone again this year. As usuall it was crappy weather and it all seemed to rain away. But after we had our picnic inside at our place it seemed to clear off so we took a gamble and went to Torsĺng on the other side of the lake for the festivities. We had miscalculated the amount of people that also went there though and spent at least 30 minutes in a slow crawl amongst lots of people trying to get a glimpse of the steamboat parade that was going on as we arrived. Finaly we got through the little village and found us a parking spot. We managed to get there in time to see the traditional lifting, hoisting (whatever you call it) of the midsummerpole and also the dancing around it. James got to see one of his favorites, Smĺ grodorna (ickle froggies) being sung and danced to with all the actions included. But i couldnt persuade him to go and join in the ring with me. Maybe next year.....

Yesterday the store was closed so i got a bonus of a free day! YaY to that but since everything was closed, well more or less everything, only a couple of supermarkets were open, there wasnt much to do. We went to my mums for dinner though and had plans to go fishing afterwards but the weather turned nasty again so all we could do was go home before it started to pour down again. And besides i was so tired i slept most of the rest of the evening.

And today i have worked and am going to do something, anything when i have rested my poor bones... Blog later. Gotta go dance to Frankie... ;o)

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