Wednesday, June 12, 2002

I has been a busy day today. And i think my little wail yesterday helped to keep the rain at bay, anyway untill now.
We went for a picnic today, couldnt think of anything else to do so i made pastasallad and off we went with a blanket and some drink as well. We biked out to the lake and sat there enjoying the cool breeze and the warm sun just really doing nothing. Besides it was fun watching the kiddies playing in the water, or shall i say pushing each other into the water. Must have been cold because i dipped my foot in the shallow water and that was cold so imagine it a bit out. James took some nice pictures from there that im sure will appear at his blog at some time.

When we got home it was turning a bit murky outside so we never went for another bikeride but instead had a rest before i spotted a nice offer on a mobilephone at the local supermarket. So a quick decision later we hopped over to the supermarket feeling lucky they would have some left. Apparently we got the only one they had since you would have to sign up and they order one for you (silly i know but its not common that foodstores sell those in Sweden). But the man was nice and wondered if we would like to take it straight away, and yes of course we did! So, now i (we) have a mobile..... Me who swore that i was never going to get hooked into that not being able to live without one. Some people cant you see... But me, oh no i wont fall into that trap. Maybe just the sms trap then.... ;o)

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