Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Oh the unknown joys of working in a supermarket. I really could use my whole workplace as a research bank for a standup comedy act. After 7 years working there you dont flinch or even raise an eyebrow at ANYTHING the customers comes up with or say to you. And sometimes you really wonder if you are a bit crazy as you put up with so much (excuse the french) BULLSHIT from people. I often wonder if people go shopping just to let out some of that repressed anger and frustration they have to deal with somewhere else. I mean, in a supermarket, you can be just as rude as you like and say and do almost anything, as long as it isnt shoplifting, and get away with it. Becasue you can always say in the end that you have had poor service and complain about some poor little girl in the checkout being nasty to you and almost get her fired or whatever just so you can justify yourself being a total bastard. And we, the poor staff, have to smile and say yes we are so sorry we will make it up to you or else WE will get a good telling off from the boss for not being serviceminded and bla bla bla!
To get through those sort of days i think about the day i will finaly quit this job and what i will say to all those who have pesterd me or insulted me or whatever for all those years. It is NOT alright to be a total git only because you are a customer. Get it through your thick skull!

Aaaaaaaah... feels so much better now, would feel a lot better if i actually would be able to quit tomorrow and do all that.. But some day, some day..... ;o)

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