Saturday, June 15, 2002

Yesterday when we were biking along Runn (lake) we saw a man standing butt naked at the shore staring out at the lake. We wizzed by very quickly going downhill but i could swear he was holding something in his hand.. LOL! Would that constitue indecent exposure to the ducks on the lake? ;o)

It was a weird day yesterday, James got home earlier then he was supposed to due to that it gone very well printing during the night so they had filled their quota before the shift change. Then it went very well at work for me even though i felt like i was over Mr T like a hawk about getting things done and not dillydallying doing nothing in the veggies. So felt very pleased with myself yesterday.

And when we were biking yesterday i managed to fool James in where i was going so he lost me and i managed to bike home first without him knowing which way i took. Its something i indulge in at times. Playing him around... :o)

Today i suspect we will be stuck in front of the tv, well not me but James will be since England is playing Denmark in the World Cup. I might be on here messing with his new template or i might potter around doing something else. OR i might even watch the game with him! How shocking!

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