Sunday, June 02, 2002

I like getting emails, so why is my inbox so empty it is pathetic? I do write emails to others, its not like i just sit there waiting for them to drop in...

James is out doing his leaflets for the very last time. It is a lovely day here, sun, not a cloud in sight so far and a gentle breeze from the lake. If it wasnt for the fact that there are loads to do at home i would just skip everything and go out somewhere with a blanket and a good book and not care about anything, especially football. But since the dust is thickening on my desk (i just noticed i could write in it) i need to do some cleaning, and washing as well, if i cant persuade James that he does it so much better then me... But i dont think i stand a chance today because of previously mentioned football. Very importent game today so what can i do but roll my eyes and do it all by myself. I could fake that the tellys broken down i suppose, but that would be cruel to do to a man that likes football that much that he used to have a season ticket to his favorite team and still jumps all over the place when he follows a web based update on the games. I mean, a commentary update every 2 minutes is not worth bouncing all over the place for, but he does when they score. I usually go Yay other team whenever i can just to tease him, but i dont think he approves of my choices sometimes! ;o)

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