Wednesday, June 19, 2002

I feel like i've slept half the day away! My alarmclock went off at 9 as usuall but i turned it off by accident instead of putting it on snooze so didnt wake up untill 11.30...! But maybe i needed the sleep since i didnt wake up by myself earlier.

I will wait untill James gets back home before deciding what to do with the rest of the day. But im going to spring into action soon and bake a bit. And i have some home made lemonade that i have to see to. I got this bunch of rubarb from my mum that i had to do something with. I didnt want pie so thought i make some lemonade and see if James will drink it... ;o)
It actually turned out very nice so might be doing that again.

Yesterday we had some serious thunder in the late evening. We were watching the South Korea - Italy game on telly when it all of a sudden went blank and we heard the loudest bang ever! Luckily the tv made it, it was just the transmission that got a hiccup in the powersurge i suppose. But James jumped up and started pulling every electrical cord he could find out of their sockets. Then i sat watching the lightshow while James huddled up behind me on the sofa. He dont like thunderstorms but i think their quite alright as long as they dont come very quickly and are very fierce. It rained a lot as well which will save us a trip to the cemetary to water the flowers there today. Its been really hot and everything was drying up so it was nice with a change of weather and a real downpour yesterday did some good.

Its now only four weeks untill i get some vacation, YaY. Sadly James will be working two out of my three weeks off. But we will try and do something togheter on that only week. Part from a music consert we dont have anything planned and that is really good. Can do stuff on the spur of the moment then and not feel all tied up in plans. Any suggestions?

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