Sunday, June 02, 2002

So another weekend finished all to quickly. In the end i did watch some of the football since it turned out to be a more intense game then i had thought (pushover win for England i thought) And James got a bargain, i cooked dinner and went for a bikeride with him and he did the washing for me. I still think i got the better half of the bargain.. You might think that i hate household shores when i tell you about James doing the washing up, breakfast and cleaning and what nots, but i dont mind doing it. Im just lazy and really glad if i can wriggle out of it from time to time because i suspect there will be a time when i will have to do ALL of this by myself.

We went up to the mine on our bikes and sat there in the lovely evening looking out over the mine. I do say sarcy stuff about the Big Hole but really it is a historic monument and should be rememered as such. It was at one point a very vital part of swedish economy and the fact that just one man died when it all collapsed on midsummers day in 1687 is a miracle in itself.

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