Sunday, June 16, 2002

I caught a fishy!!
Only a small one and it got away but still, i caught a fishy!!!

We did buy a fishing rod on friday at this lowprice barn because i thought it might be fun doing that sometime. James has never fished before so it was a first for him to get to grips about how to use a ....kastspö - casting rod?? and it took me a while as well to remember how to use it. Last time i did some fishing was with my brother and then i was only 10 - 11 years old. So quite a while ago.

We went around the lake a bit to see if there were any good spots whit no trees too close by... We did cycle past a very good spot but didnt realise it before we headed back, disappointed that we had not found any further up the lake. This place was a little swimmingplace just around the corner from where we went for our picnic the other day. No one there and a spectaculare view over the lake as the sun set. And not a sound, well part from the odd train thundering past once every hour. But that stopped as well as the evening went into night. We heard a deer buck bark from the woods and some running around, dont know what was happening becasue there were shrubs in the way so we couldnt see. Its an earie sound if you dont know what it is. It scared me once when i was younger and was walking in the woods alone.
After quite a few miserable attempts of casting i finaly remembered how you do it. Before that point James had tried but it didnt go that well, but he almost caught himself since he managed to spinn it off way over his head and then the bait landed on his head coming down. Quite the achievement i thought once i had recoverd from laughter. He had this stunned look on his face that was priceless!
At the end i did catch a little abborre (perch according to the dictionary) but it got away just as we were trying to get it out of the water. We were going to set it free but it would have been nice to be able to have taken a picture of it at least to say that yes i did catch the fish! Oh well better luck next time.

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