Sunday, June 09, 2002

The end of another week. Its been HOT weather so am feeling all drained and tired from it. This week was not one of my best ones, in the mix about me complaining about work and myself living a boring life my gran managed to have her birthday! We went there on thursday for coffee and cakes and to congratulate her. Me and James had bought her a nice coffee cup since she dropped her old one a few weeks back. I think she liked it, but will have to see if she uses it.
Also this week i think i must have sweated floods at work since there isnt any airconditioning and the store is just like a steel barn house anyway. So when the sun shines on the roof it gets warm and heats everything up. We had it warmer indoors then it was outside! This is about the time of year when i wish it was winter again....

My friend Rosie has gone missing. I suspect the kidnapper is called Per, her bf. They are togheter again after a serious row a month ago. And since both of them has been made redundant at their seperate work i suppose they are having a little vacation togheter before getting back to the serious matter of looking for work. And i cant blame them, if there is a time to take vacation in Sweden it is now. You know, sun, sun, more sun?

Jess down in Spain is busy busy with their boat engine company so dont hear much from her either. Btw it is my time to phone so cant really blame her for not getting in touch now can i... :o)

James is off working nightshifts again. So its not my most favorite week i got ahead of me. I really shouldnt grumble about it, it pays well and i see him a lot more then when he works any other shift. But he gets too tired after a few nights and then its no fun anyway. He asked me if i could make him a sleepingmask to help block out the daylight. So thats my next project, mind you i havent still completed the patchwork im doing for our bed or my mums canape pillow..... Well, i hope i get some time and can find the inspiration to do them soon, am feeling guilty about them laying around unfinished....

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