Friday, June 07, 2002

I usually dont do this, but it was so weird i had to try it. I dont know if it is me but never mind.... :o)

You are the ravest of dance parties, a must for the all night rave! Exciting company you make people feel sexy, sensuality and generally ecstatic. You make people feel close, at one with each other but can also make people feel nauseaous and anxious.If you spend alot of time with someone they tend to be hallucinating, they cant see clearly and feel like they are getting carried away with you. When you spend way too much time with people you fuck up their brain, heart and liver. However, after spending a wopping wonderful night with you, the next day people get deppressed thinking of you and how much they miss you. They get love sick and dont want to eat, they cant sleep, they feel sore in their muscels and cant concentrate for very long as they dream of when they will spend an exhilarating time with you again on the dance floor at the very next rave party. Fortunately for people, the more they see of you the more they realise how bad you are and eventually they dont see much of you anymore.

Find Out If You Were A Drug, What You Would Be!

quiz by ravenritings

I do wonder how many of those weird quiz's there is out there... Anyway, it doesnt really say anything about me being ME. Its like the horoscopes you can get done for you online if you type in your time of birth and place and all that and voila you ge a whole chart of general waffle. I had my stars and planets done for me once. Now when i read it i can see how much she angled it to suit me since she knew me a bit. I have some sort of beliefe in that there is a purpose for us to be here in life. Im not a christian but i do believe in a life after this. But maybe not so much of a life in heaven with angels and all that, but more that you get yet another life to live. Is that reincarnation? I supppose it is then... :o)

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