Tuesday, June 11, 2002

It is raining!
Well why shouldnt it be you ask, but but but, its my day of tomorrow and i dont want rain then! Any other day, fine, but not tomorroooooow...*wail*

And if anyone thinks it is nice and relaxing with raindrops falling and whatever, it might be, but not tomorrow! I am deeeply offended that the weather has turned against me, im one of its most loyal followers! So there!

Anyhow, todays moan about work.
It was shitty gritty cleaning up after other people type of work. And i hate it! I even got the attention of big Bosses brother today when he came round all smily asking how things were going. I just gave him a glance and showed him the boxes full of discarded fruit and veggies, most of them soft and rotten. Thats not how it should look like! They should have been sorted out YESTERDAY since YESTERDAY was cleaning day in the fruit and veggies. Well after a very stressful morning it all sorted itself out just in time for when it was time for me to go home. Big Boss had already left the building (yay Elvis) so he couldnt see the results of my hard work. Maybe some other day.

About work... there had been this staff party (yes again) on M/S Slussbruden (boat) last saturday. Well informed participants tell me that they all got really REALLY pissed. Free bar will do that to wannabe alcoholists. As usuall Mr T drunk himself under the table twice and picked a fight with someone else since he was so drunk he could hardly walk. And Big Brother made passes at everyone wearing a skirt and really glued himself onto a poor little girl from our place. She had to be rescued by the galant knight Jurgen who works at the store as well. What is it with men who are supposedly sooo Mucho Macho (but when the ickle missus snapps her fingers comes crawling to please) and young girls? I would like to snipp something off him but thats just me getting tired of the charade of him being Mr Nice guy and then pressing the girls when getting drunk.

Can you tell i like gossip? ;o)

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