Friday, June 28, 2002

This morning when my alarmclock went off, i didnt know why it had for a moment. I looked at the time and wondered why i had to get up at six. It took me quite a while to realise that i had to go to work. Is that worrying?

At work it was as usuall. Sometimes i wonder if i should try out not doing anything one friday and see if Mr T gets the hint.... Somehow i doubt it though.

Marie came by the store because me and Lotta and her were going out for some coffe, spending our meager little winnings from the Lotto we play each friday. We got some coffe and a nice pastry each for the money and theres some left still. Hopefully we will win a bit more the next time so we can do something fun for them. Or we could win really REALLY big so me and Lotta can march into Big Bosses office and give him our notice and our piece of mind! Oh what joy that would be ....!
We sat there gossiping about everything for about 2 hours. Its a very nice oldfashioned cafe with small and big rooms. We sat all alone in one of the small rooms and strangly enough everyone that came looking for somewhere to sit left us alone. Maybe it was the fact that we sat in the middle of the room, talking quite animatedly, loud and laughing a lot that scared them away. It was nice though to have it all to ourselves. Swedes are so consideret.... :o)

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