Thursday, June 27, 2002

Its been the usuall thursday for me, late sleep, bit of shopping (crap sales tho) and then working afternoon. Nothing really interesting happend at all, besides that i phoned Jess down in Spain for 2!! hours. Oooppsss!

Never mind the phonebill next month eyh..? Well it shouldnt be too bad and i only do this once in a while and she phones me up more then i phone her so... Got to talk about the wedding plans with Jess, what wedding plans??? There is no plan! Because everytime i try to talk to James about it he hmmms a bit and says it will be fine whatever we do...! MEN! Jess wanted to know where we are going to have it, me too, and what we are going to wear, me too, and WHEN we are getting hitched, me too! Any suggestions to what to do to get a straight answer??? Im getting wee bit stressed here by all questions from friends and from my mum as well about the how-when-where and i dont have any answers more then that yes we are getting married, next year, some time.. soonish...?

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