Sunday, June 30, 2002

Things to do when there is hale, thunder, torrential rains and storm gusts outside.

a) Make a brilliant sunday dinner with roast pork and roasted vegetables and potatoes
b) Hide unde the covers when the lightning and bangs are not seperate
c) Figure out where we are going to get married
d) Get your toenails painted icy green by nice boyfriend
e) Paint said boyfriends toenails bright pink!
f) Finaly go out just to turn at the door because bf complains he cant go out with pink toenails if he gets hit by a car. (but going to work with them is apparently alright, well maybe because i hid the polishremover just because... ;o) )

Im not kidding when i tell you it was like standing in a shower full blast outside this afternoon. And chuck in some hale corns the size of bigger peas you'll get the picture. Oh and the thunder wasnt nice either. The road outside turned into a flowing stream for gods sake! And it kept that up for the better part of an hour!

Doing the toenails were funny though.... *snicker*

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